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Temperatuurbewaking sensoren voor professionals

Temperature monitoring for pharma professionals

If you are responsible for QA within your pharmaceutical envoirement, you need temperaturemonitoring for professionals. A modern solution for temperaturemonitoring includes the following components: sensors, software and service Especially within a pharmaceutical environment, these components are strongly interconnected. Temperature monitoring is provided by precise digital sensors, the data is stored and visible in the software, and the service ensures that both aspects always keep running. You can use Dyzle’s temperature monitoring wherever your products are located. During production, transportation, storage, or at the dispensing point. The use of validated temperature monitoring is mandatory when working with medicines or vaccines.

Why Dyzle temperature monitoring?

You choose Dyzle when you are looking for a partner and when you really want your temperature monitoring to be well-organized.

  • Online software, so no difficult installation required.
  • Fully digital and paperless.
  • Complies with all applicable requirements and guidelines.
  • Standard solution, but customization is possible.
  • Collaborating with a partner instead of a supplier.

Used by: hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers, universities, manufacturers, laboratories, and logistics service providers.


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Dyzle Temperatuurbewaking hardware

How does our temperature monitoring work?

Digital sensors are placed in the so-called cold chain. These can be refrigerators, cold rooms, warehouses, or vehicles, for example. The temperature sensors collect the measured values. The data is transmitted via a secure connection to the access point. The access point sends the data via a GPRS/UMTS network to the Dyzle EMS. Here, the data is stored and translated into readable information. Subsequently, the data can be viewed and processed in our SaaS solution. Here, you can easily make settings such as alarm settings.

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What do we do after the implementation?

You can rely on our solutions, support, and expertise for temperature monitoring even after the implementation. We help you implement the best solution for your organization. This means that we will work together to identify the most suitable features and settings to ensure that you achieve your goals. Whereas other suppliers may not follow up after implementation, we actually pick up the thread and continue to provide support. We stay in touch to assist and advise you. Moreover, you can always get in touch with our support engineers if you have any questions. They have knowledge of our services and products as well as the regulations and requirements that apply to you. There is also an extensive online knowledge base available, which is full of tips and tricks.

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