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Risk management throughout the entire chain

Do you actually know what happens in your suppliers’ operations and how the transport is arranged? Does the storage time of your products fall within the limits during every step of the preparation process? Dyzle makes it possible for you to answer ‘yes’ to all these questions:

Any time you wish, you can check whether your basic materials, semifinished products and finished products are being stored in the right place at the right temperature.


When a certain temperature limit or storage time is exceeded, you run a great risk of loss and product write off. Continual insight into the conditions under which your products are produced, stored or transported reduces this risk. Dyzle helps you achieve this and therefore reduces your lost product write-off costs.

Food & Retail

Dyzle has a wide range of in-house hardware solutions. In addition, we can easily link existing third party hardware to our software and add specific measurement variables to make the entire supply chain transparent. In this way, Dyzle ensures insights into the condition of your products, 24/7.