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Advantages of collaboration

Working with Dyzle means expanding your services with innovative products. These products ensure high volume sales, with a high margin, year after year. Moreover, you help your clients achieve significant cost savings.

Hardware and maintenance

Dyzle monitors business processes with SmartTags. These sensors are placed where the measurements are to be performed. The sensors are equipped with extremely advanced software. They can register and save data 24 hours a day for one year (without the need to replace the battery). The maintenance of the Dyzle equipment can be easily planned as part of your own maintenance activities.

Calibration and control

The SmartTags must be calibrated regularly to meet the legal requirements. Dyzle has developed the CalibrationTag for this purpose. With this calibration tag, the sensor is automatically calibrated in accordance with all the standards and requirements. The Calibration Tag enables you provide the client with a service that offers you a good profit margin.