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Our products support the entire platform as a service (PaaS) solution for cold chain monitoring. These include products for measuring, analyzing, distributing and displaying business process data in real time to enable complete visibility in your cold chain.

This enables you to address questions like:

  • What is the status of my shipment?
  • Where is the shipment?
  • Are there any problems or excursions, and where are they in the cold supply chain?

Our products include:

  • Smart wireless tags to collect all desired data about temperature, energy consumption or location (fixed and mobile); this allows you to maintain constant oversight of the crucial processes within your organization
  • Online personal dashboard to enable a single visual overview of your entire cold chain at any time, showing you only the data you need to monitor processes and take necessary action in real time
  • Open independent data platform which can be enriched with cold chain data from multiple third party sources including RFID, barcode scanners, databases, and ERP systems. The combined data creates full visibility of your cold chain

As part of a complete platform, these products provide complete and accurate intelligence and automated compliance reports related to the quality of temperature sensitive products in your shipments.

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Our products deliver proof of product quality and integrity in the cold chain