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Hakvoort Professional

“With Dyzle solutions our clients can now monitor their products 24/7.”

Eric Harsta ( Hakvoort Professional, Emmeloord )


“Every link of the chain is monitored – from product input to delivery to the customer.”

Marten van de Laan ( Kruidenier FS, Rotterdam )

Van Oers

“DyzleLiveWare® enables us to ensure that our products reach our clients in impeccable condition.”

Maxime Hurkmans ( van Oers, Boxtel )

Heerlijk & Heerlijk

“I am alerted by email or text message the minute a limit value is exceeded.”

Ronald van Rooijen ( Heerlijk & Heerlijk, Baarn )


“Dyzle’s HACCP-compliant reports make things very easy for us and also provide us with a great deal of insight.”

Martien Kop ( McDonald’s, Leiden )

Koel en Airco Service

“Thanks to Dyzle we are able to conduct a remote investigation to find out what went wrong and when it went wrong.”

Koel en Airco Service (KAS)

Alliance Healthcare

“Dyzle increases the quality of the service we provide and is a further guarantee of patient safety.”

Hans van Nielen ( QA Manager, Alliance Healthcare )


“As well as maintaining our HACCP certification we also use DyzleLiveWare®.”

Adri van Zoest ( IT Manager Compaxo )


“Dyzle is the tool that enables us to assure and demonstrate our quality.”

Jan de Wijn ( Director of Healthcare Logistics, FIEGE )