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Transport, Logistics & Localization

Exact location and route always known

Thanks to live location determination from Dyzle you always know the exact location of your vehicles and goods. This not only includes the trucks themselves (which often already have a GPS solution) but more importantly the trailers. With Dyzle you follow the cargo - wherever it may be:

With Dyzle you have 24/7 live information about all the relevant locations.

  • You have insight into the speeds, routes and rest periods.
  • You can specify the limits at which you wish to receive a warning.
  • Data you receive from Dyzle is exchanged via secure servers

Temperature management

Does your company transport temperature-sensitive goods? Then Dyzle can help you improve the quality of the business process. With our wireless sensors you can record the temperatures during transport. Temperature too high or too low? Then you receive a warning and the driver can immediately correct the situation.

Clear oversight, improved profitability

Always knowing exactly where your goods and company vehicles are located leads to a rapid improvement of the profitability:

  • Improving inefficient transport routes begins with having clear insight into the situation.
  • You serve your clients better. After all, you are aware of any delays faced by your delivery vehicles and can notify your client immediately.
  • The data you receive from Dyzle is exchanged via secure servers.

You comply with all the administrative and formal requirements.

For whom?

Dyzle offers solutions for various types of organizations in the transport sector:

  • Cool- and fresh transport
  • Car rental companies