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Solutions to provide complete visibility in the cold chain

Dyzle provides a ‘platform as a service’ (PaaS) solution enabling complete visibility in your cold chain, in order to ensure proof or product quality and integrity in pharmaceutical, food and retail industries.

It is unique in being a completely open, independent platform, integrating all your cold chain data, including temperature, humidity, CO2 and GPS location, and presenting the data in real-time in GDP and HACCP compliant formats. With one view, we provide complete end-to-end visibility of the cold chain on any internet enabled device, enabling automatic registration that is needed to meet GDP guidelines, and automated alerts of excursions in any specified parameter.

Our proven platform solution enables and automates the tracing and environmental registration part of cold chain monitoring. It collects data from multiple sensors and monitoring systems, and provides you with automatic registration and interpretation of your business process parameters.  The Dyzle solution is the result of our customers’ inputs and our expertise built up over a decade, in understanding what data customers need from their cold chain and what that data means.

The data is presented in customized dashboards depending on what type of information is needed - whether it is at corporate level, at QA management level, or at work-floor level.

  • At CEO/senior management team level: the dashboard can highlight financial impacts of excursions in the cold chain
  • At QA level management, a dashboard can flag up and understand issues in product quality
  • At operations level, a dashboard or map overlay allows identification of particular points in the cold chain which need to be addressed

Through the entire supply chain – from storage to transport and distribution Dyzle collects data, analyzes it, and makes it visible via a ‘one click’ personal dashboard accessible securely over the web from any internet-enabled device.  

Our solution lets you visualize both your fixed and mobile locations within your cold chain. It is completely scalable and future proof, in operation worldwide, and allows you to automatically provide proof of GDP / HACCP compliance.

Dyzle: delivering proof of product quality and integrity in your cold chain