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We assure your product integrity by making your cold chain visible

Dyzle offers customers undisputable evidence for the quality of temperature-sensitive products. From farm-to-fork or production-to-patient, we monitor the cold supply chain in real-time. Our automated reporting and analysis takes the stress away from the burden of meeting regulatory requirements in food, pharmaceuticals and other sectors. We provide dashboards for general management, quality assurance (QA) and logistics management, to give all round visibility into your cold chain.

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Supply chain visibility is a key part of delivering proof of product integrity

28/01/2014 | Attend any major conference on the cold chain logistics industry, and you'll see similar emerging topics for debate, for example around supply chain visibility, temperature monitoring and deliverin...more

How real time monitoring can improve food safety

16/12/2013 | Food is an essence of life and it is no surprise therefore that food safety and security are of major concern globally. In some countries, food wastage is commonplace because of issues in the suppl...more

What’s the impact of big data in the cold chain?

29/08/2013 | Anywhere you look these days, people talk about big data. Whether you are in the technology industry, the retail industry, the supply chain and logistics industry, or any other industry, there is n...more

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Latest news

KPN and Dyzle collaborate to offer integrated platform for real-time monitoring solutions to the food and pharmaceutical industry

27/01/2014 | DEN HAAG and ALMERE, The Netherlands, 27 January 2014 - KPN, the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, and Dyzle...more

Dyzle technology platform is the first to support validated environment for GDP-compliant automated temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry

26/09/2013 | Dyzle BV, the global leader in measuring and analyzing business process data for the cold chain in real-time, has announced a key feature of its co...more

Dyzle's latest version of proven cold chain solution sets the standard for global GDP compliances

17/06/2013 | Dyzle BV, the global innovator in measuring and analyzing business process data for the cold chain in real-time, has introduced the latest version...more

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